We pay attention to pipeline, artistic development and last but not least – communication with our artists and clients. We are able to jump in a project from the very first steps of the process by helping the production team to visualize, quote and find the required solutions creatively as well as financialy. Involving a vfx supervisor from the very first steps of a project can help clients cut costs in terms of production and post-production. Each project is different so that’s why our approach relies on constant feedback regarding the research and development we are doing to meet the client needs. We always encourage everyone to be interconnected to all departments to maximize flow. Since every project has it’s unique feeling, in most of them we try to see first if the ideas work technically and creatively as well. That’s why we often make test right at the begining of the production. In our experience and in the projects we’ve worked so far, we have been engaged succesfully in the following departments.


When we are engaged from the very first steps of a project, we dedicate ourselves to finding optimal solutions in terms of story, budget, requirements and technical approach, whether we mean on set solutions or full CGI approach. We run tests and compare results with the client so that everyone gets a better feeling regarding the project.


Besides visualizing the entire project even before shooting, we are also testing new angles, cameras or ideas which we believe will fit into the final product and will also help sending the right message. This helps not only the crew to have a better understanding on set but also it leaves room for ideas to bloom while in post-production.


We love being on set from two reasons: to help the directors if they need our advice and to make sure all the technical aspects of the shooting which have a direct impact on vfx are done properly.


Our team has people trained in film, commercials or fine arts and they always help by giving constant feedback and visual reference on how things should be. Art Direction is about seeing the big picture and also knowing what decision one must take when the project starts to take off.


Creating 360 scans for characters or environments is always useful for digital doubles, environment accuracy, measurements or just to serve as a reference for other departments.


Products, packshots, CG characters, buildings, environments, various props, realistic or cartoon style – our  experience and versatility helps us to create and bring things to life.  It’s all about making things look real or achieve a certain style for the final image, from modeling to final look development.


Our Animation department is lead by one of the founders, Liviu Dinu, who has more than 9 years experience as an animator and has advised studios regarding animation development and teached animation at SAE. This gives us the ability to cover character and creature animation in cartoon or realistic style, clean MoCap and be present with technical knowledge & guidance for Mocap sessions.


The Compositing department has another founder as a lead, Alin Dumitru, who has more than 7 years experience as a compositors and has worked for big studios in London and Vienna. Rotoscoping, greenscreen & object removal, seamless integration and other movie magic tricks are some of the things we can achieve.