Impreuna, Trup si Suflet

Full CG Stop Motion Animation


Together, body and soul! That's how we're working for this stop-motion full CG animation short-film. Just a teaser for now, but the entire story will be revealed soon! Congrats to all our partners and colaborators.

StaticVFX Studio was responsible forall CGI aspects, from layout to final look.


Director: V.A.
Co-Director: Liviu Dinu
Production House: Saga Film
Co-Production: StaticVFX Studio, Raza Studio
STATICVFX TEAM: Alexandru Parascan, Alin Dumitru, Alina Simion, Ana Maria Telega, Bogdan Dumitru, Cristian Rizescu, Elena Iorga, Jbawi Marwan, Liviu Dinu, Paul Bold, Iulia Chirculescu, Eduard Dan Coscodan, Maximilian Tucudean

Collaborators: Alexandru Doiciu, Hani Issa.