VFX/Post-Production Coordinator Position

One VFX Coordinator to rule them all (artists), and into delivery day bind them! Our fellowship needs a VFX/Post-Production Coordinator to join the team and help us defeat the darkness of the deadline! Find more details on our website about the job requirements and we’re looking forward to meeting you. Deadline is gaining power, hurry!

We’re looking for a VFX/Post-Production Coordinator. Previous experience in post-production is required, the VFX side of things can be learned and we’ll provide training and support along the way.

Role Requirements

  • Review session notes; taking, tracking, and delivering to artists.
  • Keeping track of each artist task list, and monitoring their progress.
  • Uploading and downloading of delivery and turnovers to the client.
  • Checking delivery packages to ensure the content is correct.
  • Creating progress reports to producers, supervisors and clients.
  • Organise meetings and review sessions.
  • Verify the shot list database, keeping it up to date with changes, version numbers and statuses.
  • Look out for and troubleshoot scheduling issues with artist’s tasks and workload.
  • Keep an idea on the workload vs budget
  • Monitor / maintain a calm work environment.

Skills for a successful VFX Coordinator

  • Strong communication and organisation skills, which an emphasis on note taking and tracking
  • Attention to detail
  • Database, spreadsheet and word processing experience
  • Basic understanding of film and visual effects workflows, file formats and terminology
  • Willing to work within a team.
  • Instinctual forethought and troubleshooting skills.
  • Client relations
  • Punctual

Career Path

VFX Producer, Line Producer, Post Production Supervisor, Project Manager

Why come and work with us?

  • studio founded by artists with international experience, willing to teach and share knowledge
  • an environment proper to personal and artistically development, career growth
  • opportunity for working on in-house projects
  • young and open minded team
  • flexible working hours
  • a wide range of projects – animations, commercials, short and featured films, documentaries, virtual productions
  • modern facility with private yard, private space, game area.

Send your application to liviu@staticvfx.com or alin@staticvfx.com
Looking forward to meeting you!